Tarot Readings

These are 30 minute sessions which involve a guided meditation to connect and ground. Then we see what message the cards have for you. You may have a specific question you wish to seek guidance on or maybe you’re just feeling a little lost. Whatever has called you to the tarot be rest assured the guidance is always what you need.

Tarot via Zoom- £15

Tarot has been used as a means of divination for centuries. From answers to specific questions to general guidance for life. When you have a reading with me I tune in to your vibe through a short meditation and then seek guidance from your spirit guides for the message that you need most at the time. The channel gets clearer for me with each reading I do. This is a beautiful practice to turn to for big and small life decisions, as seasons change, for any life transitions and as a way to mark the cycle of the moon.

Sessions are 30 minutes.

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Cacao Ceremonies

Monthly donation based offerings via zoom.

Cacao is an incredible plant medicine. Ceremonial grade cacao contains theobromine, serotonin, dopamine, magnesium and flavonoids amongst many others. Together this potent medicine opens you up to being present in your body, feeling your feels and gifts a beautiful invitation for healing. When consumed in ceremony with others you are blessed with the opportunity to cultivate connection, something so desperately needed in our modern lives. In these online ceremonies there is space for reverence, calm and softness. We drink together, meditate together and journal together - weaving in the magic of the moon and tarot. With space to share.

Next Ceremony Details Here

SOULution Sessions

One hour sessions via zoom. Using a combination of ceremonial cacao, guided meditation, reiki and tarot to provide guidance and clarity for any situations you are facing. Each session will be tailored to your needs, calling on all modalities to ensure you come away empowered.

Sessions are £60 which includes a charitable donation.

Please email for availability and booking.

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Dyad/ Co-Meditation

This is a truly beautiful way to begin or enhance your meditation practice. I will guide you through anchoring in your body, developing your breath and finding a sense of ok-ness that allows space for any deep work. If you find meditating hard or had it recommended but struggle with the discipline then give this a try.

Dyad via Zoom 30- 40 minute sessions - £15

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